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Another triumph for political opportunism

16 November 2009

Why do politicians do this? Why do they insult the intelligence of the public by indulging in empty posturing? As someone who is inclined, against the zeitgeist, to see politics as a noble art aimed, however imperfectly, at improving lives, I find it doubly dispiriting to see Nick Clegg waste some political oxygen in grandiosely calling for the cancellation of the Queen’s Speech at two days’ notice. Clegg magnificently calls for the speech to be

replaced with emergency reforms to “clean up politics”

Let’s hope some of these reforms include the banning of gesture politics.

Clegg must know that, two days before the event, it is simply ridiculous to call for the speech to be cancelled (quite apart from the dubious constitutionality of such a move). His motives are pure unalloyed opportunism. Disappointing all round.